Who is the Scotch Pirate?


I am the Scotch Pirate.

I shoot guns. I ride Harleys. I’ve flown planes. I’m used to going faster over the water than on land. I’m not a knight in shining armor, I’m a pirate…a direct descendant of a very famous one. Now I travel the world seeking single malt scotch, how did that come about?

Labor Day 2010 found me at the Ritz bar in Bachelor Gulch. The girls were amusing themselves as Tim and I enjoyed some scotch practicing Tim’s philosophy of “beer as water” on the side. I had been a blended scotch drinker for years…J&B, Cutty Sark, the Johnnie Walkers certainly but my usual “go to” was Dewar’s on the rocks.

The Ritz had several kinds of single malt scotch and two bottles stood out in particular, the Macallan 15 and Macallan 30. I had no idea how single malt differed from what I was used to and was especially curious about the age differences, so I asked the bartender to put four glasses down and pour two 15s and two 30s, neat. Tim and I conducted a thorough review and my question was answered. Was there a difference? Yes. Was it worth $200? No. That began my single malt scotch safari, there was no going back.

My life mission now involves trying as many different and unique single malt scotches as possible. Every trip into a bar requires checking for something new. If found, the bottle gets photographed for evidence and sampled for quality assurance.

Here are photos of almost everything I’ve had, along with some data that you may find useful, amusing or both. Check out the bars, check out the monthly totals, check out the distilleries, and most importantly check out the single malt scotch!